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(This is for my smart Entrepreneurs who need to close deals and want them launched fast)

Stop Trying To Figure Everything Out Yourself

Just want someone to connect all your marketing programs together and all that automation which is supposed to make your life easier, but it frustrates the heck out of you well, I'm the chick who can do it for you!

Look, you make money when you’re closing deals 

You make money when you’re making offers 

Here’s where you DON’T MAKE MONEY

Setting up Funnels and FB Ads!

When you have to stop asking for money to do all the “TECHIE STUFF” for a client and then deal with all the tech headaches… it’s costing you a freaking fortune!

And you can’t stand it…

… So Why Are You Doing It?

That’s because you haven’t met me yet…

My name is Raich and I’m the person who takes busy individuals like you who don’t have the time and are losing money doing the techie stuff and I do it for you

With too much on your plate, like running your company, the consistency cycle of sales and running the fulfillment is costing you a damn fortune

So I have a compromise let me just set up your funnels and ads for you, stop procrastinating, you know you’ve been saying you're going to do it, you don’t know what you're doing.

I am a professional I’ve been doing it forever and have worked with small businesses and agencies setting up simple funnels/ads to complex funnels/ad with backend automation

So call me 

And let me handle the tech side of marketing...


1. We'll Identify Your Tech Needs So We Can Get Your Funnel Or Ad Up FAST

We'll talk through all your products that you need help with and come up with a game plan to get the ball rollin.


I kick a** in Clickfunnels, WordPress and Manychat, but also proficient in Kartra, Kajabi and Highlevel.  

These are some of the factors that make or break your funnel...

Copy • Design • CTA • Load time • Offer

These are all factors that can cause leaks and conversion issues if not set up right

2. Request List For You

I will send you a list  for onboarding and ask for the necessary logins and information needed to complete everything as quickly as possible.

Facebook Ads

Navigating the business manager and figuring out what everything means and how to actually set up your ads right can be overwhelming, stressful and a pain in your wallet... your choice...

Set it up right now or end up fixing the leaks later...

3. I'll Build Everything Within Your Own Accounts 

I'll build everything according to your specifications, test and launch once approved. My goal is to make you look good so you can make the customer happy.


Once you have your ad, funnel, follow-up sequence now it's time to integrate everything and automate it so you can make money while you sleep!

Easy as 123...

  • Business Manager Setup
  • FB Ads Setup
  • Pixel and Events Setup
  • ​Landing Page/Funnel Setup
  • ​ManyChat Bot Setup
  • ​Analytics Setup
  • Integrate Email
  • Integrate Text
  • Integrate Voice Drops
  • Integrate Social Proof
  • ​Integrate Deadline Funnels
  • ​Automate with Zaps


Checkout what some of my customers have to say...

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